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"Love at First Bite"

That’s what we feature at Chris’ Cake Creations with our famous cheese cakes and traditional cakes. There are many styles and flavors available from which to choose. Today’s wedding cakes are as unique as you are. Cupcakes are extremely popular. They too can be filled and decorated in the style of your choice.

About our cakes

Our cakes are never frozen. Always baked fresh for your occasion. The top tier of your cake is a complimentary cake; usually saved for your first anniversary. Some couples prefer to have their cake already boxed and ready to take home, then having their entire wedding cake cut up and served to the guests.


Today many wedding cakes have icing in various colors, as well as chocolate icing. Icing can be in any color you would like, but pastels look much nicer than darker colors; and some colors may stain the mouth of your guests. When using very dark colors; you may want to consider silk flowers or ribbons. All flowers and ribbons must be purchased by you. I will place them on your cake if I have enough detail to achieve the look you desire.


The cost of your wedding cake is based on a custom quote. Since every wedding is unique, we would like to discuss options with you directly. Also contact us for all other event, party, and gathering cake prices.

Terms of Cancellation

With any cancellation, you will get a refund of 75% of the amount already paid if it is within 60 days of your wedding. There will be no refunds if it is within 30 days. The $25.00 deposit is not refundable.


Our prices include setup and delivery in the city of Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls.

Cake tops

I can order them for you, but you are welcome to bring your own cake top. Although today, bows, flowers, icing flowers are popular. I Do Not Furnish CAKE Tops

Servings Needed

If you plan on serving your cake as dessert or if you are having a sit down dinner where the cake is served to each guest, you will need enough to feed everyone. If your cake is cut later in the evening 50% less cake will be eaten. The more flavors you have, the more cake that will be eaten.